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We are provided with a seedbed where there are provided the environmental conditions and the most favorable conditions of growth so that the plants have a favorable development and acquire the necessary fortitude to be transplanted later to its cultivation place.

The production areas are carried out in different geographical areas, depending on the product, the variety, the cycle of cultivation and the ideal climatic needs for its development. Without forgetting in the election of of the cultivation area: the characteristics of the soil, the altitude or the conditions of irrigation.

Account for it with 10 there is. of hothouses, 3 cameras of germination as well as the facilities necessary for the sown field of the seeds. The seedbed is managed and certified against the norm ISO 9001:2008 in all its processes. In the same way, also it is qualified to assure the quality of the seed recepcionada and of that this should not be GMO.

The cultivation surface at present is 1.700 there is for Iceberg, 55 there is for little gem, 80 there is for Roman and mini Roman, 100 there is for the rest of lettuces.

The cultivation surface at present is 125 there is for smooth escarole, thin curled and curled escarole.
The cultivation surface at present is 450 there is for yellow melon, 500 there is for galia and 200 there is for melons cantaloupe and semiregistered and 60 there is for Toad skin.
The cultivation surface at present is 120 there is, for all the varieties.
Citrus fruits
Its citrus fruits production is concentrated on 5 farms. They exist a whole of 454 there is of planted citrus fruits, of which there is 268 there is of lemons, 170 you have of clementines and 16 there is of oranges.
It has a surface in production of 184 there is, distributed of the following form: 137 there is of traditional hothouses in Morocco, 25 there is of hothouses of high technology and 22 there is of traditional hothouses in Spain.