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Sustainability and Development
Sustainability and Development
Social responsibility

Research and development

• Every year we invest in looking for new products both from the agronomic point of view and of quality and TV/radio commercial.

• We see new ways of manipulating and of making our products so that they are surer from the definitely food point of view.

• We maintain permanent contact with Polytechnical university of Orihuela; Polytechnical University of Cartagena.

• We maintain a permanent contact with diverse Research centers: FATTENINGS, IMIDA, AINIA.

• We maintain permanent contact with Laboratories: ECOSUR, AGQ, FITOSOIL.


We are employed at novel production processes like ZERYA free residues product of phytosanitary.


Legislation Environmental Way

• With the fulfillment of all the environmental laws. And update and adequacy of our processes to the new legislation that could appear.

Environmental Average impact, control and management

• Conscientious study of the environmental average impact of each and everyone of our processes.

• We have the necessary performances well-established to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment ISO 14001, inside our possibilities.

• We have established ours“Trace of CO2” and ours“Balance of CO2” of the product put on the European markets.

• Management of the resources, natural and artificial (phytosanitary, fertilizers, materials of packed, machinery, etc).

• Reduction of the generation of residues and that these are transported and eliminated in accordance with the practices of a good environmental management.

• Holders Fruca Marketing, S.L. of the European cross-check EMAS III based on rules CE / 1221/2009.

• The annual declaration of EMAS of the companies is available here.

• I reward to “Environmental quality Region of Murcia 2004” for having obtained the ratification EMAS.

• Charter members of “Club EMAS Region of Murcia” in 2009.


• The commitment to be proactive in looking for ways to reduce the consumption of natural resources as energy sources, water resources and spilled.

• For it, by means of the use of the best available, economically viable technology, and the process selection and environmental materials compatible with the production, the manipulation and the commercialization of products hortofrutícolas.

• Insuring ourselves this way the fulfillment of prevention of the contamination generated by the organization. Special care of the farms belonging to possible spaces of environmental or ecological interest and protection of the same ones.


Legislation on social responsibility

• With the fulfillment of all the laws labor and regarding the well-being of the workpeople and the safety of the same ones. And update and adequacy of our processes to the new legislation that could appear.

System of management of the social responsibility

• Inside the targets that the company has in addition to developing the Joint System of Prevention of Labor Risks and Law of Equality it is developing the well-being of the workpeople • We take part in the project of Social responsibilityinitiated by PROEXPORT, association to which we belong and which registers in FEPEX.
We develop this one social responsibility being assigned to B.S.C.I. (Social Bussiness Compliance Initiative) and SEDEX at European.