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Food security

The quality of our products is based on the Safety of the Food, attending likewise on the proper legislation of Spain and of the European Union.

Corresponding norms for the making of our products.
Applying the beginning of APPCC (Analysis of Dangers and Critical Points of Control) and of the protocols of Good Practices of Manipulation B.R.C. , I.F.S. y QS

Good Agricultural Practices
It has one established for its agricultural providers  System of Good Agricultural Practices   (B.P.A.) so that the agricultural production of the products that we commercialize is adapted to the established quality standards.

Protocols GLOBAL-GAP; QS y ZERYA,  as well as the recommendations follow of  Good Agricultural Practices of the Region of Murcia. Request certificates by email.

System of Management of the Quality and Insurance of the Quality of the products
With the object of satisfying the needs of our current and future clients, the company prepares and commercializes products offering a quality value adapted to the expectations and needs of the clients.

The alignment of Targets of the company with the clients and the alignment of the Targets of the Departments of the company with the Targets of the company, as well as the resources and plans necessary for it it is regulated across the quality System certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Continuous progress
Continuous progress of the processes and procedures, both in cultivation and in manipulation and commercialization.

With the continuous progress we maintain our processes faced to the satisfaction of our clients and the final consumers.
To establish the quality as tool to make the clients faithful.

We have a computerized system with which we know from the origin of the seed up to our final client.

In the same way from a lot we can know the origin of our products and even of the seeds used in our cultivation.

Certifications of the Company


Fruca Marketing, S.L.

It possesses the following certifications: